Hamburger Mary’s – Yelp Review of the Week

Hamburger Mary’s – Yelp Review of the Week

Hamburger Mary’s, located at 700 E 17th Ave. Denver, CO 80203, is the best place to soak up some sun, sip on a cocktail, and enjoy a juicy burger on Denver’s best patio!

With 220+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful:  

Heather C. from Denver, CO says: “Such a fun place! They have bingo a couple nights a week. Last time I went, my friend and I won back to back. We each got a free drink, a $15 gift card, and another free drink via a beer chug-off at the end of the night for the bingo winners. Their frozen cosmos are VERY strong and their pours of wine are huge. Basically, you’ll get a good buzz for pretty cheap and have a lot of fun playing bingo. Their food is good but not great. I would definitely come for bingo though if you’re looking for a fun mid-week activity.” 

Z K. from Longmont, CO says: “No pictures because the food was so good and I was starving there wasn’t time! lol I ate the burger with Gouda cheese, fried egg & a honey mustard, all on a croissant bun, who could ask for more? I had the coleslaw….yummie! Lots of onions but still fantastic! Friend #1 had the mac and cheese hamburger, I tried it, it was good, but still liked mine listed above better 😉 BUT she had the sweet potato fries, and they came with a mayo or sour cream based dip that was FABULOUS!!!! Friend #2 had the all American, can you say bacon bacon and more bacon? He loved it and gobbled it up. He had the onion rings, I had one they were decent, not crispy more of the beer battered type? Cant think of another way to describe it! Prices are good (about $10 bux a burger, unless you get real fancy you might be paying more like $15) they do have buffalo if you want. Full bar so get your drank on! Free parking lot right across the street so no problemo there! Inside is fun, things to look at on the wall, TV’s and people watching!” 

Kara P. from Denver, CO says: “I’d say this place is a 4 star drinking establishment and a 3 star eating establishment. I’ll round up to 4 stars. I’ve only eaten here once. My friend and I split some nachos. They were good but not great. The service was quick enough. I’d say that Hamburger Mary’s is just a good example of a 3 star restaurant. There’s nothing WRONG with the food or service, it just isn’t special and doesn’t leave me wanting to return. Giving this spot 4 stars for the nice, roomy patio bar. I hate bars that are overcrowded and I’ve never felt that way here. They have two oversized jenga sets but otherwise, there are no other drinking games, which I appreciate. It keeps away the 27 year olds who don’t realize that they aren’t in college anymore. The bartenders are very friendly here as well and 17th Street is a far preferable place to drink than LoDo in my opinion! Overall, the food is eh, but the patio is a nice drinking spot in the summertime.”


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