Garden of the Gods – Yelp Review of the Week

Garden of the Gods which is located at 1805 N 30th St., Colorado Springs, CO 80904 is a registered National Natural Landmark. Imagine dramatic views, 300′ towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant blue skies. This world class Visitor & Nature Center is the most visited attraction in the region with a NEW, exciting, 14 minute, HD show: “How Did Those Red Rocks Get There?”. Delight in one of Colorado’s most photographed views while eating in their glassed in cafe or from their terrace overlooking Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.

With 210+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful: 

Kaylee T. from Denver, CO says: “I love that it is free, however it was very crowded when we went and people were even rock climbing so no decent pictures were taken. If I go back, I will go back on a weekday. Parking was a nightmare in the main lot and we had to park on some side lot and got lost coming back because of all the different trails and loops. There are picnic tables so it is a good spot to bring a lunch. I would suggest going during the week to avoid the crazy crowds. My reason for going was to spend time in nature and I didn’t really feel like I did. I know its a free park but there was just way too many people to really enjoy it.” 

Mike F. from Denver, CO says: “We had great weather and a great day. There’s no excuse to miss this if you’re in the area. Wheelchair and senior friendly. We blew threw almost an entire flash card: it’s a target rich photo environment!”

Sarah N. from Colorado Springs, CO says: “THIS is the best aspect of Colorado Springs. And it’s all FREE! Awesome sandstone and limestone red rock formations soar into the sky, traced along the ground by winding, well-marked walkways and dirt trails. I’ve always found all this breathtaking against the backdrop of Pikes Peak. Been here too many times to count (surprised I haven’t reviewed it until now). There are at least two running races here a year (Take 5 – 5K and 5Miler, and the Garden 10 Mile). The Visitor’s Center is nice, and even though they’re located across the main road, there is also parking for buses and RVs with easy access to the main Garden. The VC often holds public events (like Bighorn Sheep Days where they have several binoculars and scopes to look for sheep) and they also lead Segway tours. The main Garden’s walkways are wheelchair and stroller friendly. Plenty of free parking inside the Garden, and a [mostly] one-way paved road curves around and brings you back to the main entrance (there are at least 3 points of entry/exit to the park). The road has nice, wide bike lanes along most of it. If you plan on climbing/scrambling, be sure to get a permit as they’re pretty strict about this and fines are steep.”


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Garden of the Gods - Yelp Review of the Week

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