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This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Fabric Bliss, located at 828 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204. Fabric Bliss is a modern fabric store, yarn shop, sewing studio, and knit lounge located in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado. They offer designer fabrics, yarns, and classes for any level!

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Helene from Denver, CO says, “Every time I go to Fabric Bliss, I feel like I leave with one more skein of yarn, or a couple more yards of fabric…it’s just THAT addicting. Aurora S., the owner, is so awesome. This store is for people who sew, felt, crochet, knit…etc.! I love a shop that combines these crafts together. Plus, TWO THUMBS UP for studio time, which is where customers can use the sewing machine area in the back for an affordable hourly rate ($7/hour). I took advantage of this yesterday and was able to complete a Christmas gift! Another benefit of studio time is that Aurora and her associates are all willing to help out when I get into a pickle. My apartment currently does not allow for me to have my own sewing machine….plus I’m still a novice so I feel that I’d have more headache tackling projects alone! It’s great to know I have a place to go to for help and resources. I’ve also taken a class here: Sewing 101 to create a cute, reversible tote bag. Really enjoyed this class, and can make more tote bags for friends and family in the future. 🙂 I’m giving my first bag to my mom, though. There are yarn/craft shops closer to where I live in Congress Park, but I truly love the environment that Fabric Bliss provides. It definitely gives off the vibe of “You can be young, hip, and knit…and STILL be AWESOME.””

JJ M. from Denver, CO says, “Took the beginning sewing ‘tote’ class and loved it. The tote bag was a great project to make AND they email you step-by-step instructions with photos to make more. The class was 3 hours of attentive instruction; well worth it. The owner is dedicated and runs a good business. I’ll be back for more.”

Mariam from Denver, CO says, “I finally took my first sewing class after months of thinking about it. I saw all the great reviews about this place on Google and Yelp, and let me tell you they’re right on. The place is super cute, well stocked with beautiful yarns, fabrics, and little gifts. My instructor Aurora, who is also the owner, was completely wonderful, super friendly, and made the class fun and so easy to learn how to sew. I walked away with an adorable tote. I was also looking at Fancy Tiger Crafts but their class is an hour shorter for $5 more. The pace of this class was perfect and the instructor clearly loves what she does. Definitely will be returning to Fabric Bliss, yay!”

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Fabric Bliss

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