You Can Change Your Life With A Pen

It’s important to note that I cannot sell your home. That’s right. Even though I am a Realtor, I cannot sell your home. My name is not on the deed, I can’t sign the contract, and I can’t even decide on the terms or the price. That is your sole discretion as seller and owner. Once you are presented an offer, you can decide your future with one stroke of the pen.

You see, many people get confused on the role of a Realtor. Our job description includes helping you prepare your home for sale, help you price it properly, market the home, follow up showings, and encourage offers. Once the offer is made, you decide on the price and terms. Yes, we do negotiate on your behalf with other Realtors to get you the best deal possible, but in end, you decide if it’s time to sell and move on.

Many times, sellers do not like the offers I bring them. I understand that. No one likes to take less for their home than they think its worth, but it’s reality in today’s real estate market. Sellers are in a tough position because the main thing they have to decide is to take the lower offer or wait for a better one. None of us has a crystal ball to be able to predict the future. Whether or not a seller will get another offer if they turn this one down, and whether or not the next one will be higher is a game very few people can master. If you are lucky in today’s market, you’ll get one to two offers, and if you got two or more that is 95% better than most.

Sometimes, the best choice is to take the lower offer and move on with your life. Many people have told me, “That’s easy for you to say because it’s not your money,” and you would be correct. What’s the alternative? You could be holding that house and all of its expenses much longer and a better offer may not ever come. In fact, the odds say that as time goes on, the offers get worse and not better.

Oh yeah, and one last job duty that I have is to give sound advice. I try to do that with all of my clients and again, you decide to take it or leave it. It’s your future, your choice, and we always pray that you make a good decision.


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