We Don’t Sell Your Home, You Do!

We Don’t Sell Your Home, You Do!

We speak with many consumers about selling their homes, and often people are confused with the exact role of today’s real estate agent.  Yes, we sell homes and the Colorado Dream House Team sells about 100 or more per year, but what we really do is market homes. Whether your home sells or not is NOT always within the Real Estate Agent’s control. I know that sounds counter intuitive to our job description, so let’s take a look at what the agent controls and what they don’t.

Within an agent’s control: The marketing of the home including but not limited to photography, videos, brochures, signage, email marketing, direct mail, open houses, and all that is involved in generating interest in the property. Yes, we work alongside you in negotiations and getting the property to closing.

NOT within the agent’s control: Price, location, layout, finishes, how the home shows, what final price the home will sell for and if someone makes an offer.

I have written many times that when a buyer walks into your home, they have three critical criteria: 1) Do they like the location, 2) Do they like the layout and finishes, and 3) Do they think it’s priced appropriately for number one and number two? If a buyer answers yes to all three, then they will be writing you an offer. If they answer NO to even one of those criteria, then they will not be sending you an offer.

Since the three big criteria above are all controlled by seller’s decisions, you can see why agents don’t sell homes; homeowners sell their home. Agents can’t make final decisions on price, they can’t move the location, they can’t change the floor plan, they can’t update the house, and they can’t make it clean for showings. Only the seller can do those things and as such, the critical variables in selling homes are NOT within an agent’s control.

There is a simple three-prong approach to selling your home for the maximum price in the shortest amount of time: A) Price it right in the first 30 days. B) Make sure it’s the prettiest girl at the dance. C) Hire a real estate team with exceptional marketing because at the end of the day that’s’ what we really do. Market your home, attract buyers, and create urgency. Whether or not your home sells and you get an offer is really up to you.

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