Teaming Up To Cover the Bases

By now you’ve most likely seen signs from agents advertising themselves as a team. How does that work exactly? Well, it means that at least two agents have decided to team up in order to better serve sellers as well as buyers. Sometimes it’s a father-son combination or a mother-daughter duo. In other cases two or more agents simply find they work exceptionally well together.

What’s the appeal? First, you can cover more ground when you have help and that means better meeting client needs. It means better agent availability at all times to handle showings, negotiations or to take buyers out. It means two heads together planning strategy instead of one. Consumers benefit by the getting the time and talent of two people for the price of one. Two or more agents split the same income normally due to one agent, but they also share the expense. It makes a lot of sense in our current economic crunch.

So much sense, in fact, that I’ve teamed up with Gary Lohrman. You may know Gary because he’s been selling homes quite successfully in the Denver area for over 30 years. We’ve discovered that we each bring something to the table that complements the other. Gary is an expert on transactions, has a terrific book of business and a boat load of contacts. I come from a marketing background, specializing in innovative marketing strategies such as the Internet. We jokingly call ourselves the double “E” brothers, which stands for energy and experience. I’ll let you figure out who is who. The bottom line is we’ve figured out we’re far more successful together than alone.

Hiring agents that work as team might be an option you haven’t yet considered as you work to buy or sell a home. But think about it, because in today’s market especially, it’s a winning proposition for all of us.

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