Spring Cleaning Tips

Did you know that March and April are the two snowiest months in Colorado? We’re almost done with winter and it’s time to start looking at spring cleaning tips. As a guy there’s nothing worse than my fiancée telling me some random Sunday, “honey today we’re going to be cleaning the whole house, top to bottom, yard work, and all those projects you’ve talked about doing all year long”. Seriously there’s nothing worse than that conversation. Let this be a reminder to you. Here’s some quick and easy spring cleaning tips that won’t catch you off guard.

Soon as the snow is done grab all those throw rugs and head outside. Give them all a good shake! If you have pets you may want to beat the rugs against a tree and really get out the dust and debris our lovely animals can leave on our rugs. Let them air out on a clothes line or a railing for a few hours and so they are nice and fresh.

Spruce up your home with some potted plants! While it might be a bit too chilly to head outside and start planting nothing is stopping you from using pansies and gerbera daisies throughout the house. Buy flowers from your local flower shop and add color to your home so you can begin to embrace the feel of spring.

Get rid of the clutter! Get in that fridge and start to dump everything that doesn’t matter. If you aren’t going to eat it it’s left overs so you’re better off throwing it away. Purge the fridge top to bottom and start fresh and new. When it comes to your kitchen table clean it off! Put down new place settings, a vase with flowers, a fruit bowl. If your table looks nice you’re less likely wreck it with mail and clutter.

Clean the fabrics in your house! Pull down the drapes and get then cleaned or swap them out for brighter colors as you enter spring. Wash the mattress pad, pillow coverings, and pillows from all the beds in the house. Then wash your bath mat, shower curtain, and also the curtain liner. The idea is to de-funk your living space.

Toss the old toiletries and disinfect the sponges! You should get a new tooth brush every 30 days, get rid of all expired medicine, and purchase a new toilet scrubber. While you’re in there give your bathroom a really good cleaning. When you’re done soak all the sponges in the house with bleach to remain as sanitary as possible.

This can be a lot to tackle in just one random Sunday ladies. Help your man out and tackle a project a week for a month and then do them all again on one planned Sunday, not random, and it’ll be minor touch ups. The idea is to bring your house back to life without killing you in the process.

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