Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

The future of smoke detectors is here! In Colorado a smoke alarm is required for the sale of a home. In fact I’ve never lived in a home that didn’t have smoke detectors. The truth is most people feel smoke detectors are by far the most annoying safety feature of a home. It goes off when you do cooking, it’s a blaring noise that erupts through the entire house, it’s impossible to shut down, it’s annoying when it works, and even when it doesn’t. Not to mention it’s about the most unpleasant thing one could look at in a home. A company called Nest is here to change the future of smoke detectors.

In the next couple of months expect to see the newest technology in smoke detectors come on the market by Nest. Their product will be a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector combo. While the most expensive smoke detector and carbon monoxide combo on the market runs around $31, the Nest’s combo detector will run closer to $129. That’s a big leap in price but can you really put a price on your family’s safety? Let’s talk about what their product offers that will revolutionize the smoke and carbon monoxide detector industry.

This smoke detector doesn’t just beep when it goes off instead it tells you what and where the problem is. It will say, “Heads up” as not to alarm the family when it goes off but to let you know there is a problem. If there is a more serious fire, the detector will be able to tell the difference in the degrees of smoke, it will be much more serious and say, “Emergency”. The voice can be adjusted to British, Canadian, US English, Canadian French, and US Spanish. All the voices are female as because children are known to wake to the sound of a mother’s voice versus a blaring horn.

If you have more than one smoke detector they’ll communicate so that the detector in the bedroom is going off the one in the living room is telling you so. Each product comes with a built in Wi-Fi network so they can communicate. If the network drops they have a secondary low-power RF system that will work as backup. I should also note that this design is a square and larger. Aesthetically it’s much more appealing than a normal smoke detector but there’s a purpose for the redesign; airflow. Changing the way the smoke detectors looks allows for more airflow which allows the smoke detector to determine the severity of the situation. This allows for a simple, “Heads up” warning versus all out “Emergency” status.

With this smoke detector you don’t have to deal with trying to shut down the detector while it’s its alarm goes off across the house. It has built in ultrasonic motion sensors that will turn the device off by simply waving your hands in front of it. At night time the LED light will glow green to let you know its working and it will also register movement and light a path for you as you walk the house.

These smoke detectors will also come with built in apps that can be used on your Android and iOS devices. The app will allow you to check the status of the smoke detectors and the condition of the home anywhere in the world. If you buy the Nest’s smoke detectors for your parents let’s say you can use the app to check on their home. The application will also notify you if there are any emergencies that need to be addressed as well as give you a “What To Do” screen in case of an emergency.

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are essential for our family’s safety. The standard smoke detector does it job. While there’s a definite price increase between what Nest is offering and what’s always been available, there’s never been a product that can product your family as well as this new smoke detector. Expect to see Nest’s smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector combo on shelves in the next few months.

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