No More Property Flyers

I love new technology, especially when I think I’ve found something cool that helps people sell their homes. Today, I’m excited about a company called Access U2 Global Property Info. It launched about three years ago, and here’s the scoop. Let’s say your home’s for sale with a yard sign out front. Access U2 comes by and attaches an additional sign to it called a sign rider. On the rider is a toll-free phone number with a property code number. When someone drives by your home, sees the signs and wants more information, they call the toll-free number on the sign rider. Once they call from their cell phone, they get a voice prompt asking them to enter the property code and their phone number. Instantly, they’ll receive a text message with details and a description of the property. If their cell phone supports new technology, the system will also send 10 photos and a video of the home. Your potential buyer can view all the photos of the house or take a virtual tour right from their cell phone while sitting in front of your property. To wrap things up, the service e-mails or texts the property’s listing agent with the prospect’s phone number so the agent can follow up.

No more property flyers and brochure boxes. How many times have you been frustrated wanting more information about a home, but the brochure box was empty? That’s over. Even better, this service is eco-friendly. A real estate agent may print 100 flyers for a given listing. Using this technology on even 10 listings saves 1,000 flyers, so it’s easy to see how an agent could save a tree each year.

For only $15 a month per listing, any agent can sign up to use Access U2 Global Property Info via their Web site at, or call 877-293-U2U2. To date, the company has over 1,000 listings.

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