Marketing Real Estate In A Web 20 World

Ok, for the last several years, you have been hearing about real estate being marketed via social media, blogging, video web portals, and syndication. You know it exists, you know people are doing it, but you’re unsure whether or not it produces results.

The answer is yes, it can produce results, but are there some rules for doing it right and doing it well?

1. Blogging – this is writing about a home, area, neighborhood, or agent services. Three simples rules for blogging with effectiveness:

a. You must do it at least three times a week, anything less will not produce results so don’t bother.

b. Its best if it is an original content not copied or linked from another site.

c. You must set up an effective network of places to post your information like other blogs, RSS feeds, and real estate web portals.

2. Social media – yes, you should talk about homes for sale on social networking sites. If you had a home for sale, you would tell all your friends about it. That’s called word of mouth. Putting this same information all over social networking sites is no different; it’s spreading the news to many more people much more quickly. Three simple rules here:

a. Be careful not to post the same information too much every week. Telling your friends three times a week you that need to sell your home will get you knocked off their friends list.

b. Make sure that you include a link back to a website where people can get more information.

c. Again, make sure that you have set up a network and are utilizing as many social sites as possible.

3. Syndication – this is a process of taking listing information and placing it all over internet real estate related websites. Two simple rules here:

a. Make sure that you know where that information is being placed.

b. Make sure that you check it often to ensure that it’s being displayed correctly.

Finally, it is imperative that if you decide to market on the internet, you stay married to the process. Trying this stuff for a month and hoping for results won’t work. You must be faithful to all of these practices day in and day out for at least a year to two years to see results.

Dan Polimino is a Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. He can be reached at and

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