Little Known Facts About Selling Season – And Why They Matter

Little Known Facts About Selling Season – And Why They Matter

The number one time to sell a home in Colorado is April 1st through July 31st. Now that the selling season has passed, how did it go for you?  Did you take advantage of the market and got a premium price for your home? Maybe yours did not sell? Or maybe you’re still thinking about selling. Here are some thoughts and options going forward for the rest of the year.

If your home was on the market and did not sell, you need to ask yourself three questions: 1) Was it overpriced? 2) Did it show poorly? 3) Did my real estate agent or team provide exceptional marketing? Now I know it’s easy to blame the real estate agent or team, but you know the old saying, “It takes two to tango.” Be honest with yourself and if the home was overpriced, be ready to make an adjustment.

  • If you were a For Sale By Owner seller and the home did not sell, ask yourself the first two questions above 1) Was it overpriced? 2) Did it show poorly? Lastly, you have to ask yourself if you could have benefited from hiring a real estate professional. We all know you were trying to save money, but in the end, a no sale means no money. Sometimes in life, you need to spend a little money to make a little money. At least in the case of our team, we usually get a higher price for our listings than the home owner would by going FSBO, thus costing our clients no additional money out of their pocket.
  • If you are still thinking about selling, get ready for September. You may be asking yourself, “Did Dan just missed the month of August?” August is the slowest month of the year. People are either trying to take a last minute vacation, or they are getting their kids ready for the start of school. Very little happens in August. That’s not to say your home won’t sell in August. It very well could; I just would not expect many showings. As such, if you don’t want your home sitting on the market accumulating days on market, then hold off listing it until the second week of September when the second selling season begins.
  • September 15th through Thanksgiving is the second best time to sell a home in Colorado. If you are thinking about selling this year, I would get ready for that date. That means meeting with a real estate agent or a team about the listing and selling process. Take the month of August to get your home ready for showings. That may mean de-cluttering, painting, a new carpet, a full house inspection, or something else. A real estate team like ours can walk your home with you and tell you how to make sure it’s the prettiest girl at the dance.

There’s still time to sell your home at a premium price. If you have questions call us at 720-446-6325 or email us at

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