America’s Ten Wealthiest Towns

The very wealthy seem to be mostly immune from recent economic downturns. BusinessWeek ranked America’s wealthiest towns based on the 2008 net income and 2008 net worth of their residents.

Here’s BusinessWeek’s list of America’s top 10 wealthiest communities:

Brookville, N.Y.; average income: $328,404; average net worth: $1,670,075
Atherton, Calif.; $380,535; $1,648,161
Rolling Hills, Calif.; $324,190; $1,647,622
Kenilworth, Ill.; $334,634; $1,619,702
Hillsborough, Calif.; $300,943; $1,668,732
Roslyn Estates, N.Y.; $298,935; $1,664,191
Hidden Hills, Calif.; $318,843; $1,630,085
Oyster Bay Cove, N.Y.; 317,661; $1,625,524
(tie) Chevy Chase Village, Md.; $311,170; $1,635,311
(tie) Los Altos Hills, Calif.; $298,510; $1,653,676

Source: Business Week, Prashant Gopal

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