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This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Denver Film Center, located at 2510 E Colfax, Denver, CO 80206. Denver Film Center entertains, educates, provokes and persuades, moves and motivates. The cinema’s potential to transform as well as reflect society in all its diversity is what the Denver Film Society aims to recognize and realize. Since 1978, the DFS has worked to promote the medium as both an art form and a civic forum, developing a program that includes year-round screenings, community outreach projects and renowned special events.

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Mariel from Denver, CO says, “Comfortable and clean. Great independent films. I’m a member so I get a free small popcorn every time I go! Also, I attended all the films during the Feast Fest last month, and they were all fantastic. I loved the commentary that accompanied each show. The wine and food tastings following the films were great. Having a chance to do a question and answer session with the director of ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ was very insightful. This place is awesome.”

Michele from Denver, CO says, “Not sure it’s worth posting yet another 5-star review, but I just gotta say … this place is amazing!  Hubby and I had given up going to see movies at the theater because the scheduling never seems to work (6pm is too early and 9pm is too late), the floors are sticky and the babies are crying, and the flicks are just mindless dribble. But my new fascination with all things mid-mod led me to the Denver Film Center to see a documentary on newly-discovered artist Clyfford Still. The 7pm showtime was perfect … enough time for a quick dinner before, and still home in time for bed (she says, sheepishly!). The theater was clean, the seats were comfy, the screen was big, the rake was steep enough that you could easily see over the tall guy in front of you, the full bar out front was a nice touch (must get there earlier next time so i have time to buy a drink before the show), and the staff was super-friendly. I wish we lived closer to go here every week! But I’m so psyched to check out their monthly documentary series. The Clyfford Still doc included the film-makers and museum director for an hour-long Q&A session afterwards, which really enhanced the film. Entertaining, enlightening, and instructional … all at once!”

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Denver Film Center

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