Community Auto Repair – Yelp review of the week

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Community Auto Repair, located at 661 E. Kentucky Ave, Denver, CO 80209. Community Auto Repair is a full-service repair shop offering everything from tires and brakes to major engine work. They cater to you…by providing loaner cars and bikes to any customer when available.

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Mark from Denver, CO says, “I have had work done here before and have always been pleased.  After today’s service, I felt like I had to write a 5-star review. I came home from a vacation and found a bolt in my tire had caused a flat. I called Community Auto Repair and even though they were swamped that day, they had my tire fixed within 30 minutes. Best of all, they didn’t charge me a dime. I will definitely be taking my car back here in the future.”

Kaye from Denver, CO says, “I called Community Auto Repair on my way to work because my 2006 Jeep Liberty’s window was stuck down, and I knew it was not the regulator because Go Jeep had looked at it previously. They had said it was the wiring, and Go Jeep quoted me $300+ to fix it. I called and spoke to Ken at Community Auto Repair in kind of a panic. It was cold and windy, and I had to pick up kids later in the day, so I needed the darn window fixed. I asked if they had a shuttle to take me to work in Glendale – they did not, but Ken said: “we’d work something out.” So I got there, I handed him my keys and he handed me the keys for a Buick loaner car – this is without asking for my driver license, my credit card, nothing.  Just trusted me! The dealership wasn’t able to loan me a car even though they had hundreds just sitting around (lame). Ken and crew made the repairs in about an hour, called me, and I brought back their loaner car. The repair and an oil change only set me back $150 — less than half of the dealerships estimate with none of the dealerships b.s.!”

Brent from Denver, CO says, “Ken and the whole crew rock: Super personal, honest service; accurate estimates; top-notch work; attentive and responsive.”

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