Cave of the Winds – Yelp review of the week

This week we are going to see Yelp reviews of Cave of the Winds, located at 100 Cave of the Winds Road Hwy 24, Manitou Springs, CO 80829. Are you feeling mild or wild? Do you want to investigate cave formations while on an educational tour, or journey back in time and explore cave formations and passageways with hand-held lanterns? Choose from two exciting tours and give your family the perfect Colorado experience! Discovered in 1881, Cave of the Winds has been a must-see Colorado Springs attraction for travelers for over a century. They are one of the premiere show caves in the United States – and, at 7,000 feet, they are also one of the highest!

Few of the top reviews are given below:

Brian from Lombard, IL says, “The cave itself was sort of unimpressive. I’ve been caving before, and honestly in terms of the actual cave I would give a much lower rating. However, Jay, the tour guide was AWESOME and totally earned this five star review.  Well done sir.”

Matt from Colorado Springs, CO says, “A must-see tourist trap. It is quite a breathtaking formation. A bit pricey if you ask me, but if you are new or visiting it’s definitely worth making the trek up there. They run a lot of specials so it’s worth checking online before you go. The batapult is a little disappointing but satisfying enough that I left with a smile on my face. For the view alone, this place deserves 4 stars. Oh also if you are going, reserve online, the lines at the place are ridiculously long – always!”

Kristina from Aurora, CO says, “This is a great place to visit, whether you are a tourist in your own state or an out of state visitor. We were able to get a military discount for the Lantern Tour. I was very happy with this tour. It was a 90 minute tour where you explore the caverns by candle light. Very fun! Our guide was very informative and a wonderful story teller. There were portions of the caverns where the ceiling was lower and the side walls became a bit narrow. That was only for about a few hundred feet until you entered an open cavern. They allow pictures in the cavern, but not when you first enter as they take your picture…one to make sure all who enter, exit and two to sell to you.”

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Cave of the Winds

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