Why Denver?

Recently, my business partner called and told me that he was being interviewed by a magazine and one of the questions was, “Why move to Denver?” Great question in fact, considering all of the marketing and social networking I do, you would think that I may have gotten that question one or two times. Honestly, I don’t think a client or even a potential client has ever asked me. So I started to jot down reasons why someone might be attracted to Denver. This is not by any means a complete list, but just off the top of my head. I would love to hear your reasons why someone would love to live in Denver so feel free to email me at the address at the bottom of the page.

1)      Number one has to be the sunshine. Over 300 days of sunshine every year is not only a plus, but it’s a morale booster. Even when it’s cold and snowy, a sunny day can do wonders for people’s frame of mind.

2)      The Mountains. It’s our playground and there is a lot to do there from camping, hiking, mountain biking to fishing and hunting. If you can’t have the oceans, at least have the mountains.

3)      Plenty to do. The Denver Nature and Science Museum, The Denver Zoo, The Wildlife Experience, Water World, Elitch Gardens, The Botanical Garden, Red Rocks, Garden of the Gods, and many other hot spots are all must sees when you live in Colorado

4)      Sports, Sports, and more Sports. The Denver Nuggets, The Colorado Avalanche, The Colorado Rockies, The Denver Broncos, and the Colorado Rapids are some of the best major league sports teams in the nation. Not to mention all five teams have relatively new venues that make the spectator experience 100 times better. Oh and don’t forget our major universities like the University of Colorado, Colorado State, and The Air Force Academy.

5)      Shopping. If shop ‘til you drop is your motto, then Denver is the place to do it. The 16th street mall is one of a kind, Park Meadows Mall, Flatirons Mall, Cherry Creek, and the new Southlands and are just a few of the best.

6)      Healthiest Cities. Denver and Colorado Springs ranks in the top 5 of the healthiest cities in the nation year in and year out from national health and fitness magazines. Coloradans love the outdoor and stay active all year long which is why we have so many healthy people.

There is just not enough room in this column to talk about everything Denver has to offer but this should peak some interest. I encourage you to send me your list and we’ll pass it along to all those who are thinking about making this great state their home.

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