Who Wins? The Husband or The Wife?

Who Wins? The Husband or The Wife?

Over the last few years, I have been out showing homes to couples with very different priorities. The husband is all about the deal. He could live in a variety of homes as long as they all are a good deal. Sure, his wife would like a good deal, but more than anything else, she wants a home. Something she has dreamed of, envisioned her family in, and could see herself being happy in for years to come. The problem with this scenario is that they are looking to buy with very different priorities. There are plenty of instances where people found the home they loved and got a good deal, but that’s getting harder and harder. The “I’ll have my cake and eat it too” philosophy was best accomplished in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

So here we are in 2013 in a very different market. If you find yourself in the above scenario, what do you do? It’s my experience that the wife wins that battle. She usually gets the home she wants and the husband pays a little more than he wanted. That’s not always the case and I have seen many patient husbands wait, wait, and wait for just the right deal. In fact, I am working with some of them now who have been looking for a year or two for the great house at a great price. That strategy can work; but what if it never does, or the house you’re looking for at the price you want to pay never exists?

I can only speak from personal experience here guys, and you know the old saying, “If mama ain’t happy, no one is happy!” There has never been a more true statement. I would gladly pay a little more in a real estate transaction to keep peace in my house (you can read between the lines on what I am saying here). If you get to the end of the selling season and you did not find the deal you were looking for, you might make the decision to pay a little more for the house your wife really wants. You may think I am crazy, you may think I am just a real estate agent looking to make a commission, and that’s ok. Just remember that she is your wife and you have to live with her.

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