Where To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck

Happy New Year Everyone! I pray everyone has a blessed and prosperous 2013. With the start of the New Year come thoughts and plans of possibly moving to a new home this spring. The selling season is just 90 days away and most people are well advised to have their home on the market by April 1st to take advantage of a full spring and summer. The question of “What shall I do for improvements to get the highest price for my home?” always comes up this time of year.

First, I like that sellers are thinking and planning ahead of time. Improvements take some time and starting now is a good strategy because even the best-laid plans have delays and you want to make sure that everything gets done right. I wish I had some brilliant ideas for you, but the truth is, the same improvements we have been recommending for years still apply today. Maybe what makes the most sense is putting them in order of priority.

1)    Kitchens are the best money spent. You’ll never go wrong updating your kitchen. It will not only show well but for a lot of buyers, it’s the most important room in the house. Provided you don’t go hog wild with the budget, you should get your money back or better on this improvement.

2)    Bathrooms are an easy number two. Carpet in the bathroom is strictly forbidden. Get it out and get it out fast. Replace with the large 18-24 inch tile. Make sure the vanities are granite or better. The bathroom tile needs to be up-to-date as does the fixtures. Most of all, make sure it all matches. No funky colors.

3)    Paint the interior. Nothing makes a home show better than a fresh coat of paint. Keep it neutral. Make sure you paint baseboards, doors, ceilings and crown molding.

4)    Flooring. New carpeting is the easiest fix. If you have tile floors, check into a good tile and grout cleaner. If they can’t be cleaned, think about replacing them. If the hardwood floors are damaged, get a bid to sand them, re-stain, and seal.

That’s the big four as I see it. Those four improvements will do more for selling your home than any other project. Moreover, it promises to help fetch you a higher and better offer.

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