What’s Your Reason for Moving?

What’s Your Reason for Moving?

As we approach September we’re really approaching the second selling season. We are ramping our sellers up for the highest dollar and having them do everything they can to their home to get it. The question that needs to be asked if you’re considering selling your home is what’s your reason for moving?

While homes have value and those values rise and fall just like the stock market they aren’t however stocks. In a seller’s market you can’t sell high and buy low. It just doesn’t work like that. So, what’s your reason for moving? This is such an important question that I don’t think enough sellers or agents ask.

Are you wishing to move so your kids can be in a better school district? Are you in need of more space or a bigger yard? Is your job relocating you? Do you need to be closer to your work? Do you want more land? Do you want to be in a closer turn-key community? The questions for ones’ motivation to move are almost endless.

However really only two questions are being asked:

1) Do you wish to sell your home?

2) Why are you selling your home?

The truth is we should be asking 3 to 7 questions deep for anything when it comes to our buyers and our sellers. Do you wish to sell your home? Why do you wish to sell your home? Why do you need a larger house or a larger yard? Why do you think you need five bedrooms versus four bedrooms? Why do you think you need an acre of land versus a half parcel? What’s your reason for moving?

We as agents aren’t digging deep enough into the motivation of sellers. We can ask sellers all day long if they wish to move and get the short answer to their motivation for moving. In order to really understand our seller’s motivations we have to ask the hard questions. We have to go deeper than just what’s your reason for moving?

Marc Bayes is a Broker Associate with the Colorado Dream House Team, Keller Williams Realty DTC. Contact Marc at 720-446-6325 marc@coloradodreamhouse.com, codreamhouse.com or coloradodreamhouse.com

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