We are 30 Days Away from the Start of the Season

Many of you know that I used to be the Real Estate Writer for the Denver Post for about five years. While writing for the paper, I got into a habit each week of studying the trends, the cycles, and knowing the numbers backward and forwards. You know what they say… once you create a habit, it’s tough to break it, but in my business, knowing the trends and numbers each week serves my clients well.

Over the last three years, our team, The Colorado Dream House Team, has studied the selling trends, and it’s been the exact same scenario for three years in a row now. If you look at 2012, 2013, and 2014, you’ll see the selling season gets kicked off around the last week of March or the first week of April. Houses are flying off the market in April, May, and June. This is clearly your best time to sell at the highest price. Once we get to the 4th of July, the market takes a nose dive. It drops off, and we have been racking our brains trying to figure out why. We already know from experience that August is traditionally the slowest month of the year. This is when school is starting in Colorado, and if parents are getting their kids ready for school, they are trying to sneak in a last minute vacation. Things stay pretty slow until around September 15th. Mid-September until Thanksgiving is what we call the ‘second selling season.’ This is the second best time to sell a home in Colorado. Once we get to the Holidays, shut the lights off, and we’ll see you next year.

What can we glean from the information above? Don’t miss the selling season in 30 days. We have been super busy this year helping people get their homes ready for sale. The first thing we like to offer our clients is a walkthrough of their home with what we call the “buyer’s” eyes. We try to give you feedback on what buyers will pick out, dislike, or be critical of. Then we like to send over our stager Sheri to give you a free consult on how to stage the house so “it’s the prettiest girl at the dance.” If you need contractors to do some work… no worries; we have them and will send them over. The biggest reason you would want to do a consult with us now is that many of you will need the next 30 days to get the house “show ready”. Then we’ll need some time to get our professional copywriter over to prepare the SEO or optimized write-up on your home. Photography follows brochures, and then the big push on internet marketing including our email database of one million Realtors across the United States.

Starting to get the idea? If you are selling this spring… we need to get started now to get you the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to contact us at 720-446-6325 or team@coloradodreamhouse.

By the way, this year we are proud to be a sponsor of K-Love Christian Radio in Denver, Colorado. Listen to K-Love at 91.1 FM to hear more about our support of K-Love.

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