Top 20 Renovation Mistakes Part Two

Let’s continue our look at the top 20 mistakes people make when renovating. If you’d like to check out numbers 20 through 10, visit and click on News. Now, as Casey Kasem used to say, on with the countdown.

10) Using the wrong paint. There is a reason people make paint for different surfaces. Use the right one for your project.
9) Skimping on windows. Well-made windows suited for your application can save you money in energy bills like no other feature in your house. Choose wisely and don’t cut corners here.

8) Not doing your homework. Don’t assume you know everything the project entails. Do your research before swinging a hammer.

7) Skipping the electrical system. Hardly anyone plans for this because electrical work is largely unseen. Make sure you’ve got an adequate main power supply and leave room for growth.

6) Ignoring your home’s style. Make sure you remodel with the architecture of your home, not against it.

5) Bypassing a permit. This practice never works in your favor. Spend the time and money on the permitting process and you’ll see this money back in high-quality construction.

4) Underestimating the budget. This is way too common, so make sure you have plenty of padding for mistakes, changes and contingencies.

3) Hiring the wrong contractor. Just because it’s the lowest bid doesn’t mean the guy is the best one for the job. Check references and word-of-mouth.

2) Taking on more than you can handle. Getting overwhelmed is how projects get started and never finished. Know your limits and hire professionals as needed.

1) Over-building for the neighborhood. Lots of folks expect too much of a return on their investment. Three rooms and three rooms only pay you back for your efforts: kitchens, bathrooms and master bedrooms.

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