Top 20 Renovation Mistakes Part One

I think this title speaks for itself so let’s get right to it – the top 20 mistakes people make when remodeling or renovating their homes. We’ll count down in reverse order. Remember to be here next week to learn what blunder made number one.

20. Gutting everything. In most cases this isn’t necessary and will only cost you more time and money than you planned. Gut everything only when you’re changing the architectural structure of the room.

19. Buying cheap materials. Don’t skimp here. You get what you pay for, and you can’t make bent wood straight. If you buy cheap, you’ll buy it twice.

18. Inaccurate measurements. This usually happens when you’re cutting or when you’re ordering something. Here’s a simple rule to live by: Measure twice, cut once.

17. Shirking the prep work. The majority of a project’s success rests on proper preparation. It’s not fun. Actually it’s mundane and time-consuming. But it’s also necessary. Do it.

16. Using the wrong tools. Three things can happen when you do this. You can wreck the tools, wreck the project and wreck yourself.

15. Misjudging space in a bathroom. If you have to stand on the toilet to open or close the door, you’ve wasted your time and money. This bathroom has virtually no value.

14. Overlooking the importance of lighting. Good lighting can completely change the look of your home. Consider lighting in layers. For example, include recessed can lights, under-cabinet lights and pendant lighting for a kitchen.

13. Giving in to trends. It’s okay to get a little trendy with less expensive accessories, but stick to classic design for your big-ticket purchases. You want them to stand the test of time.

12. Failure to anticipate chaos. If you think a renovation project won’t impact your home life, guess again. It will. Plan for it.

11. Missing the opportunity for eco. Going green with your materials is easier and less expensive than ever. Repurpose components you remove or buy new eco-friendly products.

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