There is now a tax credit for everyone and an extension for first time home buyers!

Today is GOOD NEWS for those of you thinking about buying a home or a first home.  The House and Senate have finalized a version of the tax credit extension for first time buyers and created a credit for all buyers.  The current proposal will extend the current $8000 first time home buyer tax credit that expires on November 30, 2009 to April 30, 2010.   In addition, there will be a clause that allows you to close beyond that point (to June 30, 2010) provided you are under contract by April 30th.  The House and Senate are also expanding the tax credit not to just first time home buyers.  Existing homeowners looking to “move up” from their current property can receive up to a $6500 tax credit incentive.  There are certain guidelines that must be followed.  Feel free to contact us directly for this information.

So you folks that have procrastinated  about  getting your finances in order, improving your credit scores, getting pre-qualified, saving for a down payment, talking to a lender or real estate agent, or just had a tough time finding a property this is your golden opportunity. For those of you who want to move up and buy a new home this is great news and a great deal. Housing prices are low, interest rates are low and now you get money from the government for buying a home.  Don’t let this one slip away.

Visit for more information and your chance to win $250,000 dollars toward your next home. Feel free to contact Dan, Andy or Gary to get started today moving into a new home.


Dan Polimino, Gary Lohrman and Andy Jorgensen.

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