Staging Is More and More A Must

If you’ve noticed all this month, I have been staying with a central theme which is “sell your home now.” In the first week of April, I wrote about pricing it right, the second week, I tackled what to do if you are not getting offers. In week three this month, I took a look at inventory in the luxury market and what to do if you are selling a home in that price point. If you would like to re-read any of those columns, you can at This week, I want to close out the series talking about staging your home properly for a quick sale.

Let me be consistent from the outset that price is the biggest motivating factor right now, so price will trump staging any day of the week. But having a home that shows well may garner you a better offer. With that said, let’s get to today’s topic on why staging is becoming more and more of a must.

Remember, the first rule of all showings is that the buyer must be able to see themselves living in your home. To do that, follow these rules:

1. De-clutter – too much stuff takes away from what the home really looks like. The buyer ends up spending more time looking at all of your stuff than trying to figure out if the home will work for them. So back a POD into your driveway and dump all of your belongings that you can live without into the POD until it’s time to move.
2. Remove furniture – unless you’re a minimalist, you probably have too much furniture. Pack that in your POD as well and open up the rooms. They’ll not only look larger, they’ll be more inviting. Only keep the right amount of furniture in the room to show what the room is intended for.
3. Keep it neutral – don’t go crazy with the colors or the carpet. It may look blah and vanilla to you, but buyers want it that way. Remember, they are thinking about their own touches and style for the house. You don’t want them to remember how hideous the purple wall was in the dining room.
4. Avoid theme rooms – you may love the Green Bay Packers Shrine that you built in the basement, but a Minnesota Fan isn’t going to be thrilled. Buyers that like contemporary are going to have a hard time with the Elizabethan room in your home. Keep it simple.
5. Clean and clean again – this should go without saying, but your home has to look like “Mr. Clean” lives there all the times.

Try these tips and then let me know if it helped you sell your home.

Dan Polimino is a Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. He can be reached at and

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