Some Buyers Asking For A Sleep Over First

This is a risky proposition, but in this market I think you have to try everything. With that said make sure you read the last line of the article about talking with
your insurer and attorney before trying this.

Reality TV shows like HGTV’s “Sleep On It” are encouraging homebuyers to ask if they can spend the night.

A couple selling a condo in Orlando, Fla., got such a request and asked Pat Skiffington, an associate with Keller Williams Classic Realty in Orlando, Fla., to make the arrangements. He and the sellers hope a night having fun downtown will result in an offer to buy.

Skiffington says before sellers offer a sleepover invitation, they should recognize that while letting someone stay over can spotlight the positives, “it can also punctuate the negatives.”

Before a seller issues the invitation, Neil Garfinkel, a real-estate attorney and partner with the Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson LLP. , recommends alerting the home insurer and getting an attorney to help structure an agreement.

Source: Amy Hoak, The Wall Street Journal.

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