How Big Is April Through July?

How Big Is April Through July?

You have heard real estate agents say the prime selling season in Colorado is April 1st through July 31st? Well, it’s true; but just how big are those four months when it comes to selling a home in Colorado?

Let’s take a look at last year as an example. It was a record year of 54,000 plus single-family homes and condos that got sold. Of that number, 47% were sold between April 1st and July 31st. That means almost half of all homes and condos that sell do so in those four months.

In case you have not gotten your home on the market yet, you still have time. You have six weeks left in the selling season and then we are going to have about a 4-6 week break. Traditionally, August is the slowest month of the year. That’s because people are trying to take a last minute vacation before school starts, or they are trying to get their kids ready for the start of school. So as a rule, I don’t recommend my clients putting their home on the market in August.

The real estate business picks up again in earnest right around September 15th. By that time, Labor Day is over, so is summer; people go back to their regular school time schedules. The “second selling season” as I like to call it, begins September 15th and runs through Thanksgiving. This is the second best time to sell a home in Colorado. So if you missed the boat in April through July, don’t worry; there is a second chance coming before the year is out

Make sure you get in touch with a real estate agent and get your home ready in August to be on the market in September.

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