Hot Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

So, what is it that people want when it comes to bathroom remodeling? Here is a short list that I complied while visiting some home and garden shows this past spring:

* A spa-like atmosphere. In tough economic times, fewer people have the opportunity to visit a spa, but if you made your master bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere, that would create some value in the home. Some surveys show that this is a high priority on a buyer’s wish list. After all, if you can’t go to the spa, it would be nice to have the spa in your own home.

* Heated Floors. This rated high on what people want in a bathroom. Since it’s not very expensive to install, why go another day walking on a cold floor?

* Luxury tile. Spare no expense here! What is on the floor matters – like travertine, marble, granite, or other solid surfaces. A great looking tile floor will catch everyone’s attention.

* Neutral colors. Colors change and different trends in shades come and go, but the latest, most popular colors that people want to see are neutral taupes and grays.

* More hot water, not less. Some people swear by tankless water heaters while others still like the good old fashioned hot water tank. Whatever products you choose, just make sure that there is plenty of hot water to go around. Don’t get a hot water tank that will just get you by, and if you go tankless, make sure it can handle a large load.

* Plenty of space. Pedestal sinks are nice and can be attractive, but people want space and more space. So think about having a large vanity with plenty of storage space and drawers underneath.

* A linen closet. This seems to be a must because it fits in the same category as space and more space. People want a closet in their bathroom to store the towels, linens and other items. Moreover, they want it separate from their clothes closet.

* Nice accessories. Like flat panel TV’s, heated towel racks, designer light fixtures, mirrors, jetted tubs. All these little things can add up and really make your master bath look like a “retreat” rather than just a bath.

Finally, it looks as though granite may start being pushed to the sideline. I have had more than one designer tell me that granite is out and less porous surfaces like quartz and soapstone are in. It seems that it’s getting harder and harder to stay up-to-date with the changes.

Dan Polimino is a Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. He can be reached at and

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