Hello Second Selling Season

Hello Second Selling Season

You have heard me say for years that the best time to sell a home in Colorado is between April 1st and July 31st. We call this the First Selling Season. The second best time to sell a home in Colorado is from September 15th though November 15th. If you did not get your home on the market this past summer, do not worry; your next best chance is only a week away. If you decide to put your home on the market, you may just be timing it perfectly.

I expect the August numbers to come out on the first week of September. It will show that the economy slowed considerably. This will, in turn, create a knee-jerk reactions from the Fed, the Treasury, and yes, maybe even the Administration to make some comments like, “Don’t worry; we plan on keeping quantitate easing through 2014.” This will settle the markets and we should see a reduction in interest rates right around September 15th. I expect to see for the third and fourth quarters the interest rates hovering around 4%. This will spur on another short burst buying frenzy. I think that everyone who missed the 3.5% or 3.75% or even 4% interest rates in May will not make the same mistake twice. I expect many buyers to get off the couch in earnest to a buy a home in the next three months.

A lot of families who want to get into a special school or school district will try to move between April and July. In the fall, the motivation is more about wanting to buy a new home before the Holidays. The people who were out looking in September are going to be back to their normal routines with their kids in school. They will be looking for an opportunity to move and celebrate Christmas in their new digs.

If you didn’t realize that the time was right to sell your home in fall, you do now. Feel free to contact us at the information below and we will explore what that plan may look like for you.

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