Growing Trend of New Agents

Growing Trend of New Agents

Real estate agents are a dime-a-dozen in 2015. All the talks of it being an amazing seller’s market have drawn everyone and their mother out of the woodworks to take a stab at real estate. How hard can it be right? With the growing trend of new agents starting in the business, we are seeing more and more issues with contracts, dates and deadlines, and overall professionalism from the agents on the other side of the deal.

There are many pros to working with an established and reputable agent when doing the deal. For one, you’re getting someone that’s done this before. This isn’t their first dog and pony show. Typically with experienced agents they understand the importance of dates and deadlines, what to ask and what not to ask for in inspections, how to handle disputes between the clients, and ultimately how to work with other agents.

When you work with an inexperienced agent on the other end of the deal, you can find yourself having to explain why things work the way they work. You have to deal with their client’s not signing documents on-time such as lead based paint disclosures. When the agent is inexperienced, it can result in a whole mess of problems you wouldn’t think you would encounter in a transaction.

With so many agents coming into this marketplace for the first time you’re bound to work with a few newbies. I wish the new agents would just come out and say they are new and may need some help or guidance through the transaction instead of playing the “fake it till you make it”; which you can see through almost immediately.

At the end of the day, the buyer wants to buy, and the seller wants to sell. It’s easiest to accomplish these two goals when both agents in the transaction are established, reputable agents. As a buyer or a seller, it does not benefit you at all to use an inexperienced agent. I know that new agents need business, but there’s nothing more frustrating when the agent on the other end isn’t experienced enough to handle the transaction.

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