First Time Home Buyers Can Win A $250,000 Home

No question that the best opportunity to buy a home these days is for the first time home buyers. Oakwood homes specializes in building homes that meet the needs of first time home buyers and Director of Marketing Kristen White wanted to get their attention.

At the same time, Fuller Sotheby’s Realtors Gary Lohrman and Dan Polimino, along with Platt Park Mortgage Lender Andy Jorgensen approached Oakwood’s Kristen White with an idea to give away a home to first time home buyers. White listened to their ideas and after one short meeting, immediately partnered with the three.

On July 1st, they launched with two simple premises: First, educate and help people who are interested in the buying their first home, help them qualify, and help them take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit. The second premise was to offer people a chance to win their first home if they can’t afford to buy one right now. Moreover, it’s a $250,000 home from Oakwood Homes.

Just 30 days into a three-month promotion, more than 2,000 people have visited the site and tried their lucks at winning a home. White says, “Given the economic times, not everyone can afford to buy a home. So why not try to win one?” White also says “that the response has been amazing and more than exceeded her expectations.” Mortgage lender Andy Jorgensen says that the best part of the website and the promotion is that he has spoken to a lot of potential first time home buyers who never thought that they would qualify to buy a home. Jorgensen says, “”People are amazed after I speak with them that they can qualify, that there is help with their credit, and help with their down payment. I tell them that they just need to ask instead of listening to bad news, assuming that they’ll never be able to buy a home.”

Realtor Gary Lohrman says that he’s excited about helping people buy their first homes and notes that this is the time to take advantage of these opportunities. “When you combine low interest rates, low home prices, and a tax credit from the government, it’s like the perfect storm and it makes it the right time to get a great deal on your first home.” Lohrman also points out that first time home buyers need to be closed by Dec 1st to get the 8,000 dollars which just leave 4 short months left.

If you would like to find out more information about the first time home buyer program or take a chance at winning a $250,000 home from Oakwood, visit

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