Are You Using Buyer’s Eyes? Part Two

Last week, we began taking a look at rating your home for sale with a buyer’s eyes. What are buyer’s eyes and what do they look for when evaluating a home to buy? For that information and to re-read Part One of this series, go to and click on the “News” button at the top of the page.

This week, we’ll continue discussing the top categories that buyers use to rate your home. In Part One, we covered condition and location. Today, we’ll cover size, features, and amenities.

1)   Size: You know how this goes. Most people look to buy the biggest home they can for their money. So how does your home stack up size wise? When your agent did a market analysis of the homes for sale in the neighborhood, did you take a look at the competition and see how your home compared in total square feet and finished square feet? If you didn’t… do so and then give yourself a rating. Did your home land in at least the top four in size?

2)   Features: I am sure you know what your home has to offer, but you also need to know want your competition has to offer when it comes to features. In Part One, I told sellers to go see the other homes on the market in their neighborhood with their agent. Look for features while you are there and look at condition.

3)   Price: This is the biggie because in most cases, price can fix a lot of ills. Let’s say your home did not score very well in condition, location, size, and features. You may still be able to sell your home ahead of the others if it’s the best price and buyers see it as a value. Let’s say your home rated in the middle, but you need to sell quickly. Again, price could vault you to the number one choice of most buyers. Finally, let’s say you rated number one in all of the other four categories; then you do not have to be the cheapest home on the block to sell and sell quickly. Don’t get crazy either and price beyond what people would consider reasonable for the neighborhood.

Remember, proper positioning against the competition and rating your home with a buyer’s eyes may just be the edge you need to sell your home today.

Dan Polimino is a Realtor with Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty. He can be reached at and

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