Welcome to today’s show of Ask the Colorado Dream House Team with your host Dan Polimino.  Today’s Show: • Amazon Finalists• Exploring New Construction in Denver• Canceling a Buyers Agency Agreement• Will There Be an Influx of Homes? All reported sales were not necessarily listed or sold by the broker and are intended only to show trends in the area. 

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00:01                                     Hi everyone and welcome to today’s show of Ask the Colorado Dream House Team. I’m your host Dan Polimino coming to you live from Denver Colorado. Happy Thursday everybody. If you’re new to the show welcome. Every Tuesday and Thursday about this time we talk about real estate information that you can use wherever you are in any part of the country. You don’t have to be here in Denver Colorado. Second part of the show is we also talk about your questions. What do you have. What are you what do you need to know. And we answer your questions. Take this information to help you either buy sell or invest in real estate. Use our many years of experience and thousands of transactions to help your real estate strategy. And again if you ever want to talk to us you can call us at 7 2 0 4 4 6 6 3 2 5.

00:47                                     Email us team at Colorado Dreamhouse dot com or just leave a comment here on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you. All right. So the first segment is news you can use. What are we talking about today. Well this morning Amazon unveiled their top 20 cities to relocate or start a second Amazon headquarters and much to our surprise. It’s a list of 20 when they kind of told us it would be a list of five. I think they released 20 instead of five to keep a lot of cities kind of on the hook and interested. So this process actually started last October when they announced that they would be building a second headquarters other than their main headquarters in Seattle and that they were asking cities for proposals and then right around just before Thanksgiving all those proposals were due.

01:41                                     Two hundred and thirty eight cities submitted proposals for Amazon. Why. Because Amazon has committed to employing 50000 people in their second headquarters and investing five billion dollars into that city’s local economy. So touring 30 cities applied 20 made the first cut. And yes Denver is in the 20 also cities like Austin Chicago Boston Toronto Washington D.C. some cities you might not have thought of or expected like Raleigh North Carolina Pittsburgh Northern Virginia right. So now what happens. Well last year Amazon said that they would announce their finalist in the third quarter of this year so sometime around September October we’re expecting to hear from Amazon and which city they actually chose. So we’ll keep our eye out. We’ll keep our ear to the ground and if we hear any information about Denver being the choice will be first to tell you right here.

02:47                                     All right that’s news you can use. Let’s get to today’s questions. Dear Colorado Dreamhouse team how do you find out about all of the new construction communities there are in and around Denver. Well great question I’m really surprised we haven’t heard a question like this before. The short answer is there’s really no great one site that you can go to. There’s not like one Web site that kind of aggregates all of the new construction around town. Builders can put this information in the MLS. They just don’t do a very good job at it. So what’s your best option. Well you can check out many different sites but the best is to talk to a real estate professional like us. Talk to somebody who does this full time and sells buys and sells a lot of homes.

03:31                                     I can tell you what we do here on our team. All of us agents were constantly driving around this city. I’d take one or two days a week to start exploring areas that I don’t normally drive around just to see what’s being built. Today I was in Lonetree and I was going through the whole bridge gate development again to get myself familiar with anything new that’s going up and in fact there’s a new community by Century communities that’s just getting ready to open behind Cabelas called the retreat. If you want to know more information about that give me a call. But we’re constantly scouring the city to find out who’s building what where and that’s why I say your best option is to call a real estate professional dear Colorado Dreamhouse team can I cancel the buyers agency agreement with you or any other agent at any time.

04:18                                     The answer is No. Usually the buyers agency agreement has a term of how long we’re in a relationship together and remember the buyer’s agency agreement is a commitment from us to you. We’re basically saying we’re going to work hard for you. We’re going to show you everything that you ask us to. We’re going to negotiate we’re going to we’re going to do all our fiduciary responsibilities and duties that the real estate commission tells us we need to do. And in turn you’re going to make a commitment to us to use us in the purchase and not another Realtor. So when people ask me Can I cancel it any time for any reason. I kind of scratch my head and ask why. Why would you want to cancel it any time for any reason.

04:59                                     And they say well you know in case I don’t really like you or the process isn’t going well or I don’t think you’re doing a good job and I say listen I’m I’m a pretty reasonable person. If I feel like we haven’t communicated well we’ve been grossly negligent in what we do or what we’ve done. We haven’t showed you what you ask. We haven’t listened. We haven’t followed up in a timely fashion. We’ve just dropped the ball. Shoot I’ll tear up the buyer agency agreement myself. But if we have done a good job for you I’m probably going to hold you to it. OK dear Colorado Dreamhouse team do you expect a big influx of homes to come on the market this spring. No I don’t think it’s going to be another lean year of inventory.

05:46                                     Now with that said the most amount of homes will be on the market end of March April May June. What I mean by that is maybe 8000 resell homes on the market were going to be sitting around 4000 we could go as low as 3000 during these winter months. But I don’t really expect it to get higher than 8000. So plan accordingly and talk to an agent or what your options are. All right that’s today’s show. And thank you for the questions keep them coming. We look forward to talking you again on Tuesday everybody. Have a great week.