Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – Yelp Review of the Week

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is located at 7301 S Santa Fe Dr, Ste 850, Littleton, CO 80120. As the Alamo Drafthouse grows, they remain dedicated to keeping the movie-watching experience safe for movie fans, serving quality food and drinks, and upholding high presentation standards. They are also striving to achieve long-term goals by expanding the theater to new neighborhoods.

With 27+ reviews on Yelp, here were some of the most helpful: 

Kat K. from Cedar Park, TX says: ” We went to Alamo tonight, and got seated up on the top row. Shortly after we saw down, a few minutes before the movie, three people sat down a few seats down on our row. It was obvious from the loud conversation that they had taken their mom to see Gatsby. One girl left, there was a discussion of two more people in their party taking the seats between them and us. While she was gone, the mom and son were still talking loudly and not paying attention to the screen, which CLEARLY stated that there was a NO TALKING policy…they didn’t hear it because they were talking. The girl returned, and shortly after the movie started (another “no-no” at Alamo…patrons are not supposed to be allowed in the movie after it starts), the other two people arrived. There was laughing and talking…they got out their phone and were texting. At one point someone went “SHHHHH” really loudly, and I joined in, and whispered to them that they could get kicked out for talking, and they said, “we know.” However, these people talked all through the movie…we wanted to alert our server but were a little shy about it. The mom started talking again (oh wait…did she ever stop??), and an employee came over and asked them to please stop. That didn’t shut them up. Apparently, they were given a second warning. Eventually, another employee came over and asked them to leave the theater. An employee came over to us and apologized as they cleared their glasses. At the end of the movie, we told the employee that they had been bothering us but that we didn’t report it…he said: “that’s okay, I saw them talking throughout the movie.” I was REALLY impressed that the employees noticed that these inconsiderate people were bothering other patrons. If they’d only have shut up long enough to watch the “DON’T TALK” message, perhaps it wouldn’t have been an issue. Way to go, Alamo!” 

Sara R. from Denver, CO says: “Saw Gatsby on opening night here! Great atmosphere. Great food- the artichoke spinach dip and chips were divine. It was truly the best cinematic experience I have ever had. Exceptional screen and sound quality and Great prices. I am from LA — Hollywood in fact– and the Alamo Drafthouse cinema can teach those theaters (including Arclight) a lesson in how films should be viewed. I will be returning on a date soon!”

Glen M. from Golden, CO says: “We had such a wonderful time last Sunday seeing Iron Man 3. Knowing that you are protected from the talking and cell phone use running rampant in other theaters and that you are in a room of like-minded movie lovers is so freeing. Huge menu, especially nice with the addition of a weekend brunch menu, the BLT and French Toast were superb as well as the wait staff. We can’t wait to return.”

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

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