Welcome to today’s show with Dan Polimino! Dan’s sharing his top 7 tips for getting your home ready for the Spring/Summer selling season.

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00:01 Hi everyone and welcome to today’s show of ask the Colorado Dream House team. I’m your host, Dan Polimino coming to you live from Denver, Colorado. Will happy Thursday. Everybody. The weekend is just about here. The weather has been fantastic in Denver, uh, mid sixties this week and very little snow. There’s been snow in the mountains. It hasn’t been the best ski season overall. They’re way behind on their snow pack totals, but been very, very nice here in Denver. I know some other parts of the country, like my family back in the north east is suffering under some winter weather. I hope you’re OK and thanks for joining us here on the show every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, right about this time we talk about everything that is real estate buying, selling and investing. And of course if you’d like to make a comment, you can leave it right here on facebook. You can contact us at seven, zero, four, four, six, six, three to five or a team@Coloradodreamhouse.com. 00:53 And if you live in Denver and you need help buying, selling, or investing in real estate, we would love to talk with you two things we’d like to accomplish. Every show we usually give you some market information we call it news you can use, and we’d like to answer your questions. Little variation today. Instead of questions, I’m going to give you my top seven tips for getting your house prepped and ready for the spring, summer selling season. But first news you can use. Did you know this weekend? It’s time to move the clocks forward. Daylight savings time ends. We lose an hour of sleep on Saturday night, but we gain an extra hour of daylight. Yay. It’s not not dark at like 5:00 or 6:00 anymore. Now it’s going to be dark or that one’s gonna go turn dark until about 7:00, which is great. And so what does that mean for real estate? 01:46 I’ll tell you what it means for real estate means more buyers and more homes sold. The only problem is we need more homes to come on the market. So if you’re thinking about selling, let’s get that house on the market because there’s going to be more buyers out and guess what they’re going to do when they get off work? I’m going to get off at 5:00. They’ll have until seven, 7:30, eventually eight, 8:30. It will be light and people will be looking at homes after work. So that’s what changes for real estate. Really? Hey, listen, just to give you an idea of the impact of the third week of March through the third week of June, almost half of all the homes sold in Denver for the entire year will be sold in the next four months. No lie stats show it. So if you want to talk to us about that, you want to get your home ready? 02:40 There’s time. We’re happy to do it. OK, no questions today because we’re going to talk about the top seven tips for getting your home ready for the spring. Summer selling season. Tip Number one, spruce up the exterior. What does that mean? Well, do a walk around the outside of the house and give it a real hard look at a critical eye. Does something need to be power wash? Does something need to be painted? Is the landscaping overgrown? It needs to be cut back. Maybe there’s very little landscaping at all. Is the grass dead? Uh, those are the type of little projects. Does the front door needs to be painted? And all those little things, you know, you’re looking up and you see that the trim around the windows, the water has started rotting, some of the wood. Those are the types of things that you want to think about and tackle now. 03:29 All right, number two. Um, Oh, don’t forget on that exterior to look at the gutters. It’s always something that comes up in home inspections that the gutters are full and they’re overflowing and when they overflow the water runs on the soffits and all of a sudden some inspector things, the roof is leaking when it’s not the just the gutters were full. So don’t forget about the gutters. All right, second thing, this comes up on almost every single inspection report. The inspector goes in the house, looks at the furnace, looks at the air conditioner, looks at multiple furnaces, and then he writes in his report, recommend hv AC, be clean service and certified. Now, whether it needs it or not, the inspector writes in any way, he writes, Clean Service in certifying, so do yourself a favor. Spend a hundred and 50 a hundred eighty bucks for like one furnace and air conditioner and go out and before you put the house on the market, have the furnace cleaned services and certified because it’s going to come up in the inspection anyway. 04:29 All right, cymbal. These next ones are really simple. Light Bulb check. Walk around the house, change all the light bulbs because when they come through the house, the buyers, they’re going to turn all the lights. They want to see how bright it is or maybe how dark it is. OK, so just go through and change all the lights. It just shows that you care for the house. Smoke detectors. It’s a biggie. Got To have them by law. Got To have carbon monoxide detectors in Colorado. Make sure the carbon monoxide detectors are right outside the bedrooms within 15 feet, make sure all the smoke detectors work, change the batteries in the smoke detectors, test the smoke detectors. All right, that’s really simple and it doesn’t cost you anything. Walk around the house with a critical eye for paint. I’m talking interior. Now. Grab out, grab that blue tape, that blue painter’s tape and start putting a little tape all over the house where you see a scratch mark. 05:21 Now listen, I know no one likes to paint. I mean, you know, it’s like that old joke. It’s a small world until you have to paint it right. I mean painting is a big deal, so get one of those Mr. clean erasers at the grocery store. Those things are amazing. I mean there are magical. They take off anything. I use them in my car, in the house and just go through the magic eraser and get all the scratches off the walls, off the door, jams off the trim, things like that. And if you can’t, then pull out the paint. OK? A declutter, declutter and clean. I said declutter twice because let’s face it, we as Americans, we got a lot of stuff. We just have a lot of stuff and it’s all out and if it’s out on counters and out on top of dressers in our where everyone can see it. 06:10 We got to pack all that stuff and put it away. Why? Because when the buyer walks through the house, they need to see the house, not your stuff, and more importantly, they need to envision their stuff in your house and all of your chotskies all over the place means that they’re looking at the pictures and you’re, you’re, you’re momentos. Instead of looking at the house right now, clean, clean, clean, clean. The reason why I say clean is because people walk in and they see a very clean and tidy house and they think this has been well cared for and they have a good feeling about your house. Sort of like when they pull up to the front of the house for the very first time. They see nice landscaping in a manicured lawn and a freshly painted house and they’ve got a good feeling about the curb appeal. 06:55 All right. Clean out the garage and clean up the basement are my last two again. We as Americans, we’ve got a lot of stuff. And part of our default sentences. Yeah, just throw that in the basement. Uh, just throw that in the garage and if the garage is full and the basements full again, not going to make a good impression. A lot of times people say, well, Dan, the house isn’t going to be perfect for showing. I understand it’s not going to be perfect for showings. In fact, there is no perfect house, but it’s gotta be darn close because you only have one chance to make a good first impression. And if you don’t make a good first impression, they are not coming back for a second showing. It’s like I tell my clients when we go to picture day, when we go to shoot pictures of your house, that House has to be pottery barn. Perfect. Because the pictures are what pull people in and make them call their agent. And say, I want to see that house. The pictures have to look great. Well those are my tips for getting your house ready. I hope they were helpful. If you’d like again to talk with me about it, I’d love to hear from you at [inaudible]. In the meantime, everybody have a great weekend and we will see you again on Tuesday.