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Today’s discussion covers negotiations when buying a home, what sets our team apart from the rest and the top three reasons why someone fails at selling their home.

Dream Home Spotlight:

24359 E Glasgow Cir Aurora, CO 80016

4 Beds | 5 Baths | 5,700 Finished SQFT | 4-Car Garage


  • Dry and Wet Sauna
  • Hickory Hardwood Floors
  • Home Theater and Exercise Room
  • Lower Patio with Fire Pit
  • 2 Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Upper Patio fireplace
  • Outdoor Kitchen/Bar
  • Solid 8 ft Knotty Alder doors, cabinets, and trim
  • Built-in Workshop and Speakers in the Garage
  • Grand stone waterfall at entrance
  • Granite surfaces

All reported sales were not necessarily listed or sold by the broker and are intended only to show trends in the area or shall separately identify the broker’s own sales activity. 

Full Transcript

00:01                                     Hi everyone and welcome to today’s show of Ask the Colorado Dreamhouse team I’m your host Dan Palatino coming to you live from Denver Colorado on this Thursday. Well thanks for being with us. Glad you’re here. As always if you’re new to the show welcome love to have you and feel free to leave a comment here if you have a question about real estate buying selling or investing.

00:24                                     Or you can call us at Colorado Dreamhouse dot com or send us an email. We would love to hear from you and of course if we can help you in any way please don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with us two things we’d like to accomplish every show. First we’d like to give you some news you can use what’s happening in the marketplace. And second we’d like to answer your questions and we get a house to tell you about later on in the program today. So thanks for being with us it doesn’t matter where you are if you’re watching this in any part of the country the information that we give you here can be used in Des Moines. It can be used in Miami. It can be used in Texas wherever you happen to be. This is just good rock solid real estate information that you can use.

01:09                                     So with that first segment news you can use today we’re talking about marketing in general and why the marketing of the home that you have for sale may not be translating to showings. And of course the ultimate goal which is an offer. And so what you’ll hear is real estate agents tell sellers that their home is getting a lot of views or a seller might ask your real estate agent or a lot of people looking at my home online. And we’ve got all kinds of fancy technology these days to tell us exactly how many people are looking at your house online and how long they looked and what page they exited on and if they clicked on. For more information and so we might say to a consumer well you’ve got this many views on Zillow and this many views on a realtor dot com and this many views on Trulia and this many views on my Web site and a lot of times all of this sounds really good but it falls on deaf ears because the seller turns around and says well that’s all well and good but we’re not getting a lot of showings and we’re not getting any offers.

02:18                                     And the question is why. Forgetting all this traffic and all these views how come no showings or how come no offers and the sellers need to learn this three step process. And here’s how it goes. Step 1 the consumer searches for homes online wherever they find you and they look at the photos and they read the description and they check out the location and they check out the price and it knows for variables that I just told you about a half to see something that catches their eye.

02:51                                     They have to see something that motivates them to take step number two and step number two is they pick up the phone they call their agent or they call the listing agent on that particular property which then usually turns into a showing. And if everything goes well at the showing that leads to step 3 which is an offer and it really isn’t more complicated than that three step process. But the most important step in all of that is step one the consumer has to see something they like about your property online to motivate them to move to step two to pick up the phone. So if you’re getting a lot of views but you’re not getting any showings which is not leading to any offers you have to go back to step one and say What is it that we’re missing in Step 1 of the marketing is the photography not very good.

03:51                                     Does the House now look nice. For instance we didn’t stage it. Well we didn’t clean it up enough. What what is the problem in step 1. Did they read the description and they weren’t wasn’t what they needed or more importantly did they like everything in step 1. But they didn’t like the price. What is it. Step 1. Didn’t move them to step 2 to pick up the phone. So if your house isn’t selling that’s the problem you’ve got to sell you’ve got to put self step one moving step two which then leads to step 3. Hope that helps. All right. All right let’s talk about questions. Here we go. Dear Colorado Dreamhouse team we’re interviewing realtors and have been asking them the same question.

04:34                                     What sets you apart. Can you tell me what sets the Colorado Dream House team apart. Two things my business partner Gary used to tell me all the time that it really people really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. And so over the course of our business these many years people really do our clients know how much we care and they feel that that’s important. The other thing that’s really important is experience right. The average real estate agent sells eight to 10 homes a year. We’re going to sell 80 to 100 homes a year. So what does that mean for you. Well for Barwa if you’re a buyer you’re going to want our appearance on your side to help you find that home. Get it for the best price and then navigate through all the way to closing relatively unscathed.

05:24                                     Right on the sell side. If you’re selling with us you only care about two things you want to sell for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. And if that’s the case again experience a team that has a really rock solid marketing plan like ours accomplishes those two goals highest praise short of some of the time so I hope that gives you an answer about what sets us apart. It’s a great question and one that you should ask other realtors as you’re interviewing them. Dear Colorado Dreamhouse team why do you say there are always two rounds of negotiations and buying a home. Well because really that everybody understands the first round right which is putting it under contract. You and the seller trying to agree on what is that going to be that purchase price.

06:10                                     Everybody knows that one but they always forget about them the second one which is the inspection because right after going under contract happens inspection and that’s where things get sticky. I mean listen if a deal is going to fall apart nine out of ten times it’s going to fall apart and inspection. So you have really a professional on your side at inspection help negotiate and get you through what is a very difficult time for both the buyer and the seller and it’s got to be a win win for both. Right. The buyer wants as many things fixed repaired or credited and seller wants to do as little as possible there’s got to be a win in there. All right dear Colorado Dreamhouse team what are the top three reasons why someone fails at selling their home.

06:58                                     Well not surprisingly the top one of all is price. OK you came out of the gate too high a little too ambitious you didn’t listen to the market what the market was telling you after the showings you didn’t adjust the price accordingly. Second reason people don’t sell their home is it didn’t show well not enough updates.

07:15                                     You didn’t clean it up didn’t take the extra step to paint it clean that carpet making sure looks perfect for every showing. That’s the second biggest reason and the third biggest reason is that you didn’t have a real estate agent or team that really had superior marketing. Remember a real estate agent really what they do is they don’t really sell your home. You decide what you’re going to sell your home for a real estate agent really spends all of their time marketing your home and trying to get as many eyeballs on your home and as many people to come see your home as quickly as possible. So if you’ve got a really good real estate team or agent that has superior marketing you can overcome that hurdle hurdle but remember it’s three things prices too high didn’t show well or you had absolutely no marketing.

08:05                                     And I usually find that it’s either one of those reasons or a combination of those reasons. But it’s really nothing more than those three. OK. All right everybody. Last but not least I want you to go to our Web site right now and check out this home. Go to Colorado Dreamhouse dot com forward slash Glassco 24 359 East Glassco circle in Aurora four bed five bath but this house is over the top. This guy went crazy on upgrades. I mean no stone unturned. I mean he touched every part of this house. There is nothing to do. Moving ready from the Hickory floors to the wet and dry sauna to the incredible workout room. The waterfall outside. I could go on and on and on. You’re going to want to see this for yourself. All right. So again go to the website Colorado Dreamhouse dot com forward slash Glasgow. All right that’s today’s show everybody. Have a great weekend. Stay warm wherever you are we’ll talk to you again on Tuesday.