A neighborhood spotlight on the new community in Highlands Ranch called Crescendo. We also discuss the best websites to search for homes that are active on the MLS and whether or not you can still close on a home within 30 days.

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00:01                                 I want to welcome to the Tuesday edition of Ask the Colorado dream house team. I’m your host Dan Paladino coming to you live from Denver Colorado and I hope. You’re enjoying the fall. This is supposed to be one of the peak weekends to watch the leaves change here in Colorado so if you don’t have any plans head up to the High Country and check out those colors. Well welcome to ask the Colorado Dream House team if you’re new to the show every Tuesday and Thursday we try to answer all of your real estate questions. We try to give you a little information and strategy about what’s happening in the market and get you the information you most want to know if you’re new again. You can leave a comment here on Facebook. We’d love comments we love questions we usually address them later on in future shows.

00:46                                 Or you can call us at 7 2 0 4 4 6 6 3 2 5 or team at Colorado dreamhouse. And as always if we can help you buy sell or invest in real estate we’re happy to do so. We just love to talk to you. So two things we like to accomplish every week in the show one a little market update and two questions. First what is the market update. Well last week I told you about a new development called Sterling ranch out in Douglas County which is going to kind of be the new next mini Highlands Ranch. If you missed that post you can go back and take a look at it and watch it. Today I’d like to talk to you about a new development in Highlands Ranch called crescendo from Sze properties.

01:27                                 And if you know Sze homes Shea was the major developer for Highlands Ranch there was 25000 acres in Highlands Ranch that started a little over 30 years ago that she’s been developing in there really down to their last piece of dirt. Their last piece of develop all land is that even that’s a word in Highlands Ranch and it’s a section that is kind of around Lucent in Highlands Ranch Parkway or a Lucent Plaza drive would be another corner and it’s mostly going to be apartments and townhomes and the townhomes are going to be called crescendo and they just started selling these. Well actually what they did is they they took priority numbers or handed out priority numbers so they could begin selling them. Now crescendos models open up this weekend’s September 30th. So if you want to go out to Highlands Ranch and look at these town homes they started about 395 and they go up and base price till about 450.

02:32                                 So 395 to 450 is kind of the base price. Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re seeing Dan base price. That means these are going to be really expensive by the time you put in all of the upgrades. Maybe maybe not. I think that though probably top out really at only about five hundred. And the reason why I say that is because Shea along with some other builders like Lenore are following this new model where they’re giving you very very limited upgrades. So for instance in the crescendo of product there’s only five upgrades that you can do. And they kind of lumped them in packages. So there’s a good better best package. So really it’s three options right. You either take the good which is what is included in the base price or you upgrade to the better which is the middle package or you upgrade to the best.

03:23                                 This is again a new push by homebuilders to try to include more and get out of this game that the public hates which is Is this included Is this included Is this included. Nobody likes that. So Shalal are a couple of other builders are trying to build everything into the base price with very few options or upgrades to pick the homes are between 20 100 square feet in twenty four hundred square feet. They are on three levels so if stairs are an issue this might not be the property for you. But again twenty one hundred twenty four hundred square feet 395 to about 450. Really really great price range. And if you been around the Denver area at all you know that this is one of the most difficult price ranges to get into.

04:10                                 So we’re seeing a lot of first time home buyers. We’re seeing some empty nesters who want to downsize. And what she did last Saturday was they held a lottery and they asked everyone who was interested in buying a unit to come to the Southridge rec center hand over a deposit check of a thousand dollars that just holds a place. Get that back in any time. And then what they did is they had two boxes the first box had everybody’s name in it. Second box had numbers 1 through 84 because there were 84 people that handed over a thousand dollar check waiting for one of these homes. And what they do is they pick the person’s name out that person walked up and then put their hand in the box to pick their priority number.

04:58                                 So everybody got assigned to number one through 84. Now Shay has really seen 10 homes a month beginning October 7th. So the first phase of let me correct myself is nine homes a month. So the first phase of nine homes is going to be released in October. So if you got a Priority number of 50 60 70 you can kind of do the math. It may take you for five or six seven months before your number is up to be able to pick a law. This is the fairest way that Cher could she could do it given all of the consumer demand. I hear that they had over 600 people interested in a project that was only for 200 units. Once more I also want to make you aware that Shea has made it very very clear that they’re not selling any of these townhomes to investors.

05:57                                 So if your plan is to buy one and rent it. Not having it. She is going to do everything they can to stop you from doing that. They only want to sell to people who are going to use this as a primary residence. And the question is can they do that. And the answer is yes if you want more information about crescendo make sure you contact us right here at the Colorado Dream House team at the information on the screen dear Colorado Dreamhouse team what is the best site to see up to the minute homes coming on the market. Great question answer. Colorado dot com. Ari stands for real estate. R e Colorado dot com. That is the consumer side of our MLS.

06:42                                 So you see the same thing we’re seeing except we have a little bit more additional information that you don’t see that is the best up to the minute for active properties. Remember everything that goes into Colorado then gets syndicated out to sites that you’re familiar with like Zillow realtor dot Trulia et cetera. So don’t wait for it to get syndicated out to those sites. Get it up to the minute by checking every Colorado dot com dear Colorado dream house team. Can you give me some examples of why you say your marketing is better. Yeah I think we’re on the technology edge that a lot of real estate agents are not at yet. And part of that is our director of marketing Mike Rush. He’s a really really smart guy and he knows what he’s doing. But again when I say cutting edge technology I’m talking about retargeting ads I’m talking about mass emails to all 1 million real estate agents in the United States.

07:38                                 I’m talking about Google Ad Words and Facebook ad words and paperclip campaigns and retargeting a lot of people don’t know what this is. They don’t know what the latest technology is and they don’t know how it goes on to sell their home. What happens is that the average realtor that comes in interviews to sell your home is probably wearing one too many hats. They’re probably a seller’s agent they’re probably a buyer’s agent they’re probably the paperwork person and they’re probably the marketing person that’s not really the best case scenario for you in selling your home. You need a guy like Mike rush that’s just dedicated to digital in print in various other forms of marketing and that’s all he does is spend time marketing your home online all day.

08:26                                 You need a smart guy like Mike. We’re really grateful he’s on our team. Those are just a few of the reasons why we think our marketing is better. Colorado Dream House team can you still close a home in 30 days with a loan. Or is it longer we’re telling everybody that the average is 30 to 45 days. The answer to your question is yes you still can close a home in 30 days and I know some lenders that do it and do it well. It’s tough not because the lenders not being able to get their act together and close on time. It’s more about appraisals. Appraisals are still backlog. There’s still not enough appraisers appraisal still aren’t getting done on time and really the time consuming part of the loan is getting the appraiser out to the house getting it through review getting it to the underwriter and getting the clear to close.

09:14                                 So that’s really the holdup. So 30 to 45 days is the new one. All right. We want to tell you about another home that we just put on the market go to Colorado Dreamhouse dot com forward slash Copeland. It is 9 0 4 5 Copeland street. It’s an awesome five bedroom in Highlands Ranch. It’s in the suburb area of the province Center which is off Colorado Boulevard. Terrific area sits on about a 60 500 square foot lot with a three car garage. They’ve done a lot of nice updates. And I think you’re really really going to like it for those of you who have been waiting to get in the Highlands Ranch prices 5:25 go check out.

09:54                                 COPELAND on line and then go instead of showing to go see it. All right. Well that’s this week’s show. Hope it’s been informational and in full and helpful to you. Again if you ever want to ask a question we’re here to help. In the meantime until Thursday everybody have a great week.