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I May Have a Buyer By Marc Bayes


It’s Saturday around 2 pm and I’m holding an open house for one of  our newest listing. Its nice steady traffic through most of which are neighbors looking to see how updated the home is in comparison to their own. One of the neighbors is thinking of selling in the next year and we just […]

How “For Sale By Owners” Get Themselves in Trouble By Dan Polimino


In a buyer’s market, sellers feel like they will need the help of real estate agents to sell their home. They’ll need more and better marketing as well as more showings in order to have their home stand out from the crowd. In a seller’s market, consumers feel like they don’t need a real estate […]

House Didn’t Sell This Summer? Here Comes Your Second Chance By Dan Polimino


Over the years, you have heard me say that the best time to sell a home in Colorado is from April through July. In fact, if you look at 2013 as an example, there were 54,000 plus homes and condos that were sold in Denver and surrounding suburbs for the entire year. Of the 54K, […]

Inspection Objection Items By Marc Bayes


When it comes time to decide if you really want the property you should have an inspection done. Don’t use a fly-by-night inspector. Use a company or a person that does quality work, has a great reputation, and that you trust. You want to know all the ins and outs of the house and you’re […]

Take Pictures Now By Dan Polimino


Ok, let’s say you were not ready to sell your home this summer and you may not even be ready this fall, but your house looks great this summer. Here is an idea we have been floating by our clients. Since it’s so green right now in Colorado after all the spring rain, many people […]

How Big Is April Through July? By Dan Polimino


You have heard real estate agents say the prime selling season in Colorado is April 1st through July 31st? Well, it’s true; but just how big are those four months when it comes to selling a home in Colorado? Let’s take a look at last year as an example. It was a record year of […]

90 Listings in 90 Days! By Dan Polimino

90 listings in 90 Days Box

All my life I thrived on people telling me, “You can’t do that” or “It can’t be done.” When people bet against me, it really gets my juices flowing and motivates me like nothing else. When someone lays down a challenge, I am usually the first person who says, “I’ll take that on.” Good or bad, […]

Timing is Everything. By Gary Lohrman.


As a full time real estate broker in the Denver area for the past 36+ years, I am often asked these questions: “What is the best time to list a property for sale?” and “What is the best time for a buyer to start looking to purchase a home?” There used to be a simple […]

You are 60 Days Away from the Start of the Selling Season. By Dan Polimino.


You may be looking out the window at sub-zero temperatures, snow, or a combination thereof, and it’s hard to imagine the spring selling season is just about upon us. For Coloradoans, the prime real estate selling season is April 1st through July 31st. That means you have two months to get ready and take advantage […]

Jacques Benedict. By Marc Bayes.

Jacques Benedict. By Marc Bayes.

Does the name Jacques Benedict ring a bell? Most people won’t know that name, but its a little known fact that Jacques Benedict is responsible for building some of the most prestigious homes in Denver.